Personal Styling

Refresh your wardrobe with a Karrinyup Personal Stylist.

We believe one size doesn't fit all and that personal style is as unique as you are.

Each styling session at Karrinyup is tailored for your individual needs;

Beginning a new chapter? We'll make sure you're looking great, authentic to you, and feeling confident.
Don't like crowds? Our stylists will host your session within the sanctuary of the Style Lounge.
Overwhelmed by choice? We'll pull items from various stores to suit your personal style.
Like a little luxury? Enjoy complimentary Valet, champagne on arrival, hands-free shopping, coffee on the go and more.

This is all just part of our Style Experience at Karirnyup. 

Wherever you are at in life, our Stylists can help you look and feel your best.

Enquire with our Stylists below to learn more.