Nadia Fairfax's Creature Comforts

Lazy mornings spent curled up bed, mugs of hot cocoa, good books, and the simple pleasure of a little bit of solitude: it’s hibernation season after all. Here, Nadia Fairfax talks to us about what sets the mood for her day as well as the creature comforts that get her through the winter.

Photography by Ashleigh Larden.

What is typical morning at the Fairfax abode?

“I am NOT a morning person, repeat - NOT A MORNING PERSON! Most mornings I spend an extra hour or so in bed, trying to do as many emails that I can on my phone before I actually need my laptop. When I do eventually get out of bed, I typically like to do any household chores that need to be done before I get into my day. Because I work from home a lot, it’s important the space is tidy, so that I can focus.”

 Above: Nadia wears linen stripe robe.

And what sets the tone for the day:

“The amount and kind of emails that have come in overnight. Also the temperature – I am not very good in the cold weather.”

What does comfort mean to you?

“That sense of not having anywhere to be. We are all so busy these days, so many of us are over-committed- whether it be our social life, or with work. The days with zero obligations are the days filled with the most solace.”

 Above: Nadia wears crinkle cotton shirt nightie.

In winter we stay indoors much more, how do you like to hibernate?

“I swear no one else admits to this, and they say things like "Reading a book, playing a board game with my lover." Yeah sure! The truth is I am a chronic watcher of terrible TV. My favourite show is Deadliest Catch, Yes - you read correctly, a reality show about crab fisherman. I can also watch hours and hours of animal documentaries (I mean like an entire day's worth!) I truly love the outdoors and being social – it’s a giant part of my life – but I also have a deep, deep love of doing absolutely nothing and nestling into the couch, heater on, blinds closed. I will also not reply to anyone or answer any calls. Pure bliss.”

What are some favourite creature comforts?

“Heat packs. The old-school wheat ones that you heat in the microwave. And also my Nan's ox tail soup. As soon as the temperature slightly drops I start asking – well begging – for it.”

Above: Nadia wears linen cami and linen stripe pant.