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A Morning with Bec Judd at Karrinyup

REBECCA Judd, the Perth girl who has become one of Australia’s most well-known personalities, returned to her roots Friday 11th May, to celebrate the release of her new book, The Baby Bible.

Karrinyup Shopping Centre, where Judd once worked in the perfume section at Myer, hosted an event for her to share her personal encounters with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

The mother-of four said each experience with children Oscar, Billie and twins Tom and Darcy had been woven into the chapters of her new book.

“It’s very honest, I haven’t left anything out, it’s all the real stuff that I hope all women can connect to,” Judd said during the public talk.

When it came to her most recent pregnancy, Judd said she was worried she might resent the experience of having twins.

“I should have just listened to the mums who had actually had twins,” she said.

“It’s like a science experiment, unfolding before my own eyes because [the twins] share the exact same DNA but are completely different.


“It’s such a blessing and it has been the most amazing experience.”

Looking after yourself, staying active and physio appointments with pregnancy specialists were some of her tips for recovery after pregnancy.

Judd conceded that being in the public eye proved tough at times for her and husband, AFL legend Chris Judd, when it came to parenting.

“The wheels do fall off a lot, my husband and I work so many different jobs,” she said.

“We have a share group calendar so we can see what the other is up to.

“We just have to get on with it because if we didn’t, everything would fall apart.”

Written by Breanna Inferrera




Images credited to: Alan Chau - Blue Print Photography