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Artist in Residence

View the amazing murals throughout the Centre by local artist Linzi Carter.

Linzi is a contemporary artist based in Perth, WA. Born in Cunderdin, a wheatbelt town, she developed a curiosity and a playfulness as a young artist, always trying to push the boundaries, by exploring new expressions and experimenting with various mediums. Painting remains to be her favourite, as well as illustrating and designing patterns for textiles.

She completed a Bachelor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Curtin University of Technology in 2006 and a Graduate Diploma of Art Education in 2016. Japanese Graphics, Street Art and Graffiti are strong influences and Linzi regularly works on large scale projects such as Murals, Installations and paintings for display homes, offices and commercial spaces. Having a Graphic Design background has enabled Linzi to work digitally, producing commissions, prints and collaborated projects such as textile designs and fashion orientated artwork for modelling shoots.

She also paints live at corporate events, schools, fashion shows, festivals and shopping centres and also teaches art workshops regularly, making appearances at schools and City centres.

To contact Linzi for commissioned work, head to Contact or e-mail info@linzicarter.com

Butterfly Mural, Level 1 near David Jones

Birds Mural, Level 1 near David Jones

Jungle Mural, Ground Floor near Big W

Wizard of Oz Mural, Ground Floor, Food Court

Pineapple Mural, Ground Floor, Food Court

Spring Mural, Ground Floor near Big W