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Wholesome Living Range

Bakers Delight are passionate about craftign delicious, healthy loaves for you. Our bread range is made from high quality Australian wheat and contains protein adn fibre - important elements of an every day diet. 

No matter what your taste, they have a healthy loaf fo you. Baker's Delight's Wholesome Living range includes, Wholegrain Lo-Fo, Cape Seed, High Fibre Lo-GI, Chia Omega 3 and Chai and Fruit Loavers. 


The Lo-Fo Loaf
Across Australia, there are more than 3 million people experiencing bloating and discormfort from foods high in FODMAP's. That's why Baker's Delight have created the new Lo-Fo Loaf. It's low in FODMAP's, high in protein and certified by the FODMAP friendly program. Made with 5 seeds and grains, it's healthy, delicious and the only loaf of it's kind, so you don't have to miss out on bread anymore.