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Discover Sustainable Coffee

Through its revolutionary sustainable programs, Nespresso is working with farmers in regions that have been devastated by conflicts, economic hardships or environmental disasters and brought to life two new exclusive single origin coffees.


Through these programs comes the launch of , Tamuka mu Zimbabwe, from Eastern Zimbabwe and Esperanza de Colombia, from Caquetá, Colombia, two single origin coffees brought to life by this incredible initiative.

Up until now, these exquisite and rare coffees have been virtually unknown, slowly disappearing for decades. The 'Revival Origins' program has allowed coffee farmers in these two regions to rebuild sustainable livelihoods, restore their local economies and bring much-needed development to their rural communities. Bringing these incredible beans back to life!

So what should we expect from these incredibly rare and sustainable coffees?

Introducing Tamuka mu Zimbabwe – meaning “Return of Zimbabwe” in Nyanja
Made deep in the Manicaland Province of Eastern Zimbabwe, Tamuka mu Zimbabwe is bursting with complex fruitiness and zest, bright acidity, with notes of cranberry to red berries, and currant to grape. It has a creamy, smooth texture when you add milk, making it an ideal coffee for a Latte. It’s balanced and round and has sweet notes of caramel and toffee when mixed with milk.

Introducing Esperanza de Colombia – meaning “Hope of Colombia” in Spanish

Born in the cities of San Vicente del Caguán and Florencia, Esperanza de Colombia is a mild coffee that is very light in acidity. It’s beautifully balanced and rounded, and it has aromas of yellow fruits with a hint of a cereal note.

To find out more head in store to Nespresso and experience these new single origin coffees!