Construction Updates

​APRIL 2021

Throughout April, development works to the west side made considerable progress, with cladding applied to HOYTS Cinema exterior. Whilst construction of the casual dining pavilion located in the West Deck, which will be home to multiple restaurants, also progressed well.
Meanwhile, construction of the south multi-deck car park continues to take shape with the suspended slab for the rooftop now complete and preparations for vertical transport from the car park to the Fresh Market are well underway. Internal design elements of the Fresh Market continue to take shape, with the installation of the timber feature ceiling now complete.

MARCH 2021

In March, construction continued at good pace despite the fluctuations in weather. 

To the west, construction on HOYTS Cinema is well underway, as steel work continued, whilst walls and roofing was installed enclosing several cinemas. Over at The West Deck, multiple slabs were poured and preliminary works commenced on a number of alfresco dining and entertainment venues. 

Meanwhile, the suspended concrete slab on level two of the south multi-deck car park is now set.


Considerable progress has been made to the south-west side of the centre. Demolition works surrounding Woolworths are now complete making way for construction of the future Health and Wellbeing precinct on level one, along with the Fresh Market which will house Coles and Aldi. Meanwhile, earthworks for the west multi-deck car park, valet and loading docks continue to progress well.
To the east of the centre, fit-out works to the new Customer Lounge (replacing the Taxi Lounge) are running smoothly, with the Customer Lounge on schedule to open in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, feature cladding to the future Café Terrace is underway, whilst works for a new entry to the rooftop of the eastern multi-deck car park nears completion.

JUNE 2020

Over the last month, development works have continued to progress well, and a number of new parking options opened. This includes a new car park to the north of the centre near H&M, plus new bays and new entrances open within the multi-deck car park. Inside the centre, new amenities have opened near Grafton St., showing the design and materials that will form part of our new development.
To the east of the centre, tiling throughout the mall and skylight ceiling finishes are largely complete. Vertical transport options have also been installed, with the final escalators due for installation in the Dining Terrace soon.

To the west of the centre, demolition of the previous fresh food mall continues to make way for the future Fresh Food Market, which will be anchored by Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. In addition to this, basement 2 slab on grade works are currently in progress, and basement 1 slabs works are formed in some areas.

MAY 2020

To the east of the centre, the first section of the Fashion Loop façade is complete with the Café Terrace façade progressing, which will include a Jesmonite feature facing Francis Avenue. New escalators and lifts providing access to the Fashion Loop from the basement and roof top parking are near completion, whilst installations of lifts and escalators within the Café Terrace will soon be underway.
On the west end of the centre, earthworks are in progress and tower cranes are assisting with construction of the future Fresh Food Market precinct. Construction of the structural walls for the new basement car park has also commenced and is progressing smoothly.


Within the last month, development works on the future Fresh Food Market and Entertainment and Dining Precinct officially commenced. Upon completion of the precincts, we will see the likes of HOYTS CinemasColes and Aldi join the centre, along with a host of local, specialty food and dining retailers.

To the east of the Centre, construction on the Fashion Loop Mall continues to progress smoothly, with lifts and travelators installed, which will provide access to and from the new multi-deck car park. Additionally, the glass ceiling for the new skylight has also been installed, allowing for plenty of natural light on level one of the Fashion Loop Mall.


Over the last month, development works the north and east end of the centre have begun to take shape. With construction on the Café Terrace and Fashion Loop going full steam ahead, both precincts are on track to open in late 2020
Towards the southern end of the centre, works on the refurbished BIG W Mall are also progressing well. Over the coming months, a number of exciting, new retailers will open in this mall, alongside several existing retailers will move into their brand-new stores in this mall.


Watch as the eastern end of the construction site builds up in our latest timelapse footage showing progress over the last month. Two levels of basement car park will sit underneath two levels of exciting new fashion stores in our Fashion Loop, which connects to a new Café Terrace. This area of the centre is expected to be completed in late 2020.
Across the site, the beginning of the new Fashion Loop mall is taking shape. H&M are continuing their store fit-out behind the hoardings, ready for their opening later this year. The multi-deck car park has now taken shape, with services and painting being undertaken over the next couple of months ahead of it’s planned opening later this year.


A new access way into the Big W undercover car park has opened, entering via the new multi-deck car park. Refurbishment works continue in the Big W undercover car park. A new car park guidance system is still being tested but is operational within the undercover car park, preparing for the system to be rolled out when the remainder of the multi-deck opens in late November. Façade works will be completed outside new H&M, with the new store’s fit-out underway. A section of new façade has been installed on the new multi-deck, showing a glimpse of the coastal design inspiration for the centre. Level 1 and 2 suspended slabs for the new fashion loop mall are now progressing. The basement car park is progressing well on the east of the site. Progress to suspended slabs across new sections of mall across the site will continue in the coming months. 

Inside the centre, September saw the removal of an array of hoarding, revealing a brand new Flight Centre store, new tiling and a stunning skylight. Over the next few months works will continue in this area, as we work on creating a brand new entry for Big W and finish construction of a new travellator from the undercover car park. Both are expected to open in November 2019.


New sections of the ceiling are being installed outside of the recently announced H&M store (behind The Coffee Club). External façade works outside H&M are nearing completion. New skylights are being installed for the small section of the new mall outside H&M. Concrete for sections of the new Fashion Loop (ground level) are being poured. Preparations are underwar for the final layers of the multi-deck car park roof, as well as service installation and painting on lower levels. Façade works to the external walls of the multi-deck can now be seen from Karrinyup Road!

JULY 2019

Our construction partner Multiplex continue on schedule as works across the site progress towards our first early launch later this year!

Services and roof works continue for the recently announced H&M store (behind The Coffee Club). New loading dock works continue well to the south of Big W. Refurbishment works are underway within the Big W undercover car park. Construction for the new travellator up from this car park is underway. Upgrade works within the existing mall continue, with painting, new lighting and cladding of the roof trusses underway. Updates to the existing columns in the central mall have also begun. Progress continues very well with new basement car parking throughout the site.

JUNE 2019

Considerable work has been undertaken on the future basement car parking. Form works continue for the ramps for the new multi-deck car park, with the beginning of Level 2 now clearly visible above the fence line. Concrete pours are being carried out across the site for both basement level and multi-deck car parking. Detailed excavation works are continuing for the future fashion loop, ahead of ground slab pours. Remainder of basement car park footings are being installed. Services are now being installed within the first new fashion stores behind Centre Court. Structural and façade works will commence soon for these first fashion stores this month. Works are progressing well for the new travelator near Big W. Mall ceiling works are progressing to prepare for new ceilings near Big W.

MAY 2019

Works at Karrinyup are continuing well as part of its $800 million development, with our construction partner Multiplex progress the first new structures which are now beginning to take shape. Preparations for ground level suspended slab for the multi-deck car park have been complete. Reinforcement works underway and concrete slab pouring imminent for ground level slabs for the multi-deck car park. Preparations are underway for Level 1 concrete slab for the multi-deck car park. Footings and columns have been poured for the future basement car park at the North-East of the site. Level 1 concrete slab is complete for the first of the new fashion stores with the Level 2 slab for the roof underway. Ground works continue to prepare for future basement car parking underneath the future Fashion Loop.

APRIL 2019

Our construction partner Multiplex is continuing to make significant progress through April. Demolition to the north and north-eastern section of the site is now complete. Bulk earthworks to prepare for the multi-deck car park is now complete. Bulk earthworks for future basement car parking beneath the new fashion loop is well underway. Formwork, reinforcing and concrete of footings, cores and retaining walls in complete for multi-deck car park. Formwork, reinforcing and concrete footings commenced for future northern fashion loop. Concrete slab pouring complete for ground slabs in multi-deck car park and first fashion stores.

MARCH 2019

Progress is continuing at pace! Establishment of a 500-capacity area on the south-east corner of the site with amenities for construction workers. Two of six fixed tower cranes are now on site, with more being established soon. Construction continues for the multi-deck carpark, including the installation of pad footings, stair and lift cores. Completion of storm water retention tanks as well as backfill to enable laying the ground slab. Earthworks continue to allow construction of new basement car parking beneath the new Fashion Loop.


Take a look at how much progress has been made in the last month!  The car park deck has now been demolished along with the food court to make way for our new fashion loop. The first of six cranes have been installed on site. The new fire sprinkler tank construction has commenced. We have started the excavation ready for the construction of the new basement and multi-deck car parks. The construction of the foundations for the lifts and stairwells for the new fashion loop has commenced.


A sneak peek “above the scenes” into the scale of the progress being made on the east end of the new Karrinyup centre. The images [above/ below] were taken in late December 2018. Construction partner, Multiplex, has already completed the installation of the large stormwater detention tanks to the south-east of the site. Demolition of the undercover car park to the north east of the site (former car park 8A) has been completed. The demolition of the old food court is well underway. Installation of piling alongside the outside of Big W is underway so excavation can continue for what will be the future multi-deck car park. The construction team will begin to break through behind the large level 1 hoarding at Centre Court, which will eventually become the entrance to the new Fashion Loop.