Design, Artist Impression & Floorplans


Coastal Cool

Our creative designers and architects have taken inspiration from all of the things that make Karrinyup special – our unique location between the city and the sea, our love of Western Australia’s relaxed beach culture and our local coastal environment. The design of our new fashion loop takes inspiration from the water, in the shape of the ceilings and skylights which take advantage of our bountiful natural light. Inspired by our local beaches like Trigg, Scarborough and North Beach, natural timbers are featured throughout to bring the feeling of the relaxed, coastal lifestyle we love right into the heart of Karrinyup. 

Your New Backyard

So many of the people who visit Karrinyup have grown up as the the centre itself has grown. That story today is no different. With people at it’s heart, Karrinyup has been part of the local community’s favourite places to visit and meet with their friends or family, to shop, eat or simply catch up for coffee. As a place loved by it’s community, the future evolution of Karrinyup will look to keep community at it’s core, with open spaces designed to welcome and invite you to share those special moments with your family, children and friends. It will feel like part of your own backyard where you can sit, relax, play and connect. 

Artist Impressions

Floor Plans

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