Corporate Responsibility


AMP Capital are commited to developing and delivering sustainable strategies. We are pleased to advise that AMP Capital has finalised a new NABERS Energy and Water rating for our building so we can see how we are tracking at Karrinyup Shopping Centre.

We have secured a 4.0 star NABERS Energy rating and a 2.5 star NABERS Water rating. But we are not stopping here; we are always looking for new ways of improving the performance of our buildings, whether it is through capital upgrades or pushing the boundaries in operational excellence.


With the assistance of our retailers, we have been able to achieve excellent results with our cardboard recycling and co-mingle bins. Our efforts during the last financial year have resulted in the following environmental benefits:
  • Enough recycled materials to offset greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 22.7 medium cars
  • Energy savings equivalent to 217.7 household’s annual usage
  • Water savings of 106.9 domestic sized swimming pools
  • Diverted 1013.5kgs of batteries and 240.5kgs of fluorescent lamps and tubes from landfill.
  • The centre has also started a new initiative to recycle coffee grounds from our cafes and coffee retailers


View the centre evacuation map in detail below.