Secret Santa: Be Inspired

Secret Santa is a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate Christmas with a big group of people. Plus, trying to guess who got you as their Secret Santa is half the fun! 

That said, Kris Kringle can also be a challenge if you don’t know everyone in the group equally well. What do you buy the person you’ve never properly spoken to, or who you have nothing in common with? The good news is, you don’t have to resort to a generic gift card.  

From that colleague in a different department to that nephew who is decades younger than you, here are our foolproof Secret Santa ideas for everyone in your life. 

For the colleague 

Not sure what to get for Andy from accounting or Margaret from marketing? The secret might be on their desk! A walk-by viewing of their cubicle (or a glimpse on Zoom into their WFH set-up) can give insights into who they are as a person. For the caffeine addict, high-quality coffee beans are always a winner, while a desk plant is sure to impress the botanical enthusiast.  

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For the boss 

What do you get the person who pays your salary, without overstepping any boundaries? Practicality is key here, so start by thinking about what problems your manager needs solved. Are they always complaining about the stuffy office? A mini humidifier could be a good option. Do they never manage to finish their coffee before it gets cold? An insulated mug could do the trick. These thoughtful gifts show you’ve been paying attention, which is sure to score you brownie points. 

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For the friendly acquaintance 

Found yourself with a Secret Santa you’ve only ever shared a friendly smile with? In this situation, it can be best to play it safe with a shared interest. For your gym’s Kris Kringle, a mini muscle massager or new drink bottle could do the trick; while that tired mum from your Mother’s Group might enjoy some self-care with a massage voucher, essential oil burner, or bath supplies. 

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For the in-laws 

Whether it’s your parents-in-law or your partner’s siblings, it can be tough to buy for the extended family. If your spouse’s intel into their family member’s interests proves unhelpful, think about your upcoming festive gatherings. Your father-in-law might enjoy some whiskey stones or a beer-holder for a Christmas shindig, while your sister-in-law might want to whip out a new card game to play. 

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For the young relative 

Pulled your 10-year-old nephew teenage cousin out of the hat, and have no idea what the kids are into these days? The key to finding an age-appropriate gift is to keep it simple. Timeless games and gadgets like a Rubik’s cube or Jenga are appropriate for kids of most ages, while tech accessories like a phone case will win over the preteen crowd. 

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Despite their universal appeal, these ideas are sure to bring joy to your Secret Santa!