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The Secret to Super Smoothies

Smoothies: the sneaky way to get some of your five a day. Cool off and pump up your regular combo with these awesome add ins.
The new smoothie ingredient with more potassium than a banana, maca is creamy powder that tastes like butterscotch and caramel. Yum. Bonus points for being great for improving your hormones and energy levels too. This high-fibre source of low GI carbohydrates, will give your smoothie some body and help you stay fuller longer. One teaspoon for newbies, which can be upped to two per day.
Try: Maca, cacao, dates and banana
1 cup coconut or almond milk
3 pitted dates
½ banana
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp cacao powder
More than just a spice, turmeric has anti-inflammatory powers and antioxidants that also relieve bloating. Used for more than 4000 years in curries and to treat a variety of ailments, curcumin - the active ingredient in turmeric – is a serious nutritional player, potentially warding off dementia and preventing cancer, a World Alzheimer's Report shows.
Try: Mango, turmeric and coconut
1 cup coconut water chilled
¼ cup fresh or frozen mango
Pinch turmeric
1 tsp coconut oil
The best seed to add to smoothies, being high in protein and amino acids. Chia seeds are also a great source of fibre, calcium, vitamin C and have traces of potassium and sodium. When you soak the seeds in water, they expand (to seven times their size bulking up your regular banana smoothie) and become gelatinous, a property that aids digestion and contributes to their low glycaemic index.
Try: Berry blast
1 cup almond milk (or milk of your choice)
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1/2 banana
1 cup spinach leaves
2 tsp chia seeds
Kale is having a moment—and for good reason: The crazy-versatile green is an awesome source of vitamins A, C, and K. What’s more, it’s loaded with fibre and iron, and (no, we’re not done) it’s super-low in calories, too. Use it to make chips, salads, sides, desserts, and of course, smoothies.
Try: Green tea, kale and mint
1 cup brewed green tea chilled
¼ cup mint leaves
¼ avocado flesh
¼ pear flesh
1 cup kale
Tips for your best ever meal in a glass:
  • Freeze your fruit to keep your smoothie cooler longer
  • If using whey protein, blend the ingredients before adding your protein. Whey protein is delicate and can be damaged by over-blending.
  • To increase the fibre content of your smoothies, add 1–2 tablespoons of wheat or oat bran.
  • Play with your liquid base: choose from coconut water, nut milks, herbal teas and fruit juice.