Pearls - June Essentials

What is a Pearl?

Pearls are a gem that stands out because they're the only one created by living creatures. They're created when a mollusk like an oyster or clam has contact with an irritant. They then grow all around the inside of the shell, creating it's pearl layer. They cover the irritant with a material called nacre, which over years builds up and the end result is a lustrous, beautiful pearl.

What Does A Pearl Symbolize?

The pearl has been the gemstone of June since ancient times. Pearls have been treasured for their beauty and intrinsic value since the dawn of human civilization.

Some say the pearl is from the tears of angels in heaven, others believe they are from the tears of mermaids.

Saltwater pearls are shaped more like a soft, white orb in comparison to freshwater pearls and formed often historically as natural ocean by-products. Greeks believed they signified deep love and beauty while the ancient Romans associated them with Venus, the goddess of beauty. Items made from these pearls are all symbols of success, prosperity, and eternal love.

Fun Pearl Facts

· La Peregrina is one of the most famous pearls in the world. This pearl was first discovered in the 1500s, and has belonged to a King of Spain, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the famous jewellery aficionado Elizabeth Taylor.

· Grace Kelly is another one who favoured Pearls and was often seen wearing a pearl & diamond necklace.

· The World’s most expensive Pearl is valued at $100 million

· Julius Caesar created a law that only Aristocrats could wear Pearls.

· Cleopatra used pearls to win a bet.

· It takes at least 6 months for a Pearl to be formed.

· There are 4 types of Pearls - South Sea, Freshwater, Tahitian & Akoya.

· Pearls are one of the official Birthstones for June.

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