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Spotlight On: SpeedFit

Finding the motivation to get up at 5am so you can slog it out at the gym for an hour before work can be a real mission, even at the best of times.
Enter SpeedFit. SpeedFit’s EMS training is a progressive style of exercise that can get staggering results without any of the usual risks of injury that comes with strength training and the best part? The sessions are only 20 minutes long!
What Is EMS Training?
EMS (electro muscle stimulation) is a new way to workout without having to spend hours in the gym. Just one or two 20-minute sessions a week is all it takes for you to start shedding fat, building muscle and toning up. It works by sending low frequency electric pulses to contract your muscles while you’re working out. 
It’s basically a super effective workout, working out most of your muscle groups in half the time.
It was originally for astronauts to workout in space, but now, it’s used by sporting legends like Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods. If it’s good enough for them - it’s good enough for me. 
What to expect from your first EMS SpeedFit Session
Even though SpeedFit are the leaders in EMS technology and EMS training in Australia, first and foremost they care about your health, goals and well-being. The trainers will sit you down, talk about your health history, exercise history, current goals and walk you through the world of EMS training before you get started.
When you’re ready to go, you’re given a pre-workout electrolyte drink to fuel your session and make sure you’re hydrated. You’ll then be handed SpeedFit gear to change into - a tightfitting top and shorts. When you train you don’t have to bring ANY of your own workout gear (not even shoes! They give you grippy socks! How handy is that straight from work?
Then you’ll suit up into their vests & cords with straps that wrap around your glutes, arms and legs. All of this will then be connected to the EMS machine by a cord. Word of warning, the vests are damp, to help conduct the electric current.
You’re finally ready for the 20 mins of magic. This is when your training will happen. Sessions will always be one on one or one instructor with 2 clients.
After your quick workout sesh, they provide a protein shake to help your muscles with recovery. They also have showers onsite and it's loaded with body wash, shampoo & conditioner, hairdryers, straighteners, deo and more. It’s genuinely loaded up to get yourself freshened up! 
What does it feel like? Does EMS Training Hurt?
This is the question we all want answered. Well, not really! It feels like intense, all over pins and needles. 
You do get used to the sensation pretty quickly, and the pulses are fully adjustable. As mentioned before, sessions are always 1 on 1 or 1 or 2, so if you are feeling overwhelmed the trainers are so attentive. 
However, if you’ve been training for a while and the trainer thinks you are ready for a boost in intensity they will!! But they are EMS trainers, so they will push you to the point where you are still comfortable but still worked!
Contraction intensity are also fully adjustable, you can go light on your arms, and heavy on the legs. Need extra core activation? Dial it up! 

Does EMS Training Work
By the end of the session, you can tell that your muscles have been worked but you don’t feel like a train wreck. 
However, the next day is when the fun begins! DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)... Oh, how your muscles will be sore and in places where you haven’t been sore before!
So, yes! EMS training does work! Read SpeedFit, testimonials here. Weight loss, muscle gain, healthier lifestyle, gain in confidence and more!
Who is SpeedFit For
Since SpeedFit sessions are only 20 mins AND you don’t need to bring anything to the session, SpeedFit is perfect for Mums, working professionals or anyone who is just time poor!
SpeedFit training is also perfect for athletes recovering from injuries, athletes looking to recover muscle faster (like Tiger Woods and Usain bolt) and even those who are recovering from surgery and can’t effectively activate the muscles themselves. 
SpeedFit is an option for people who don't think that traditional forms of the gym are for them. Those who are not able-bodied and can't walk, run or yet alone squat. Those who are visually impaired and may trip over something at the gym. 
SpeedFit is for everyone! 

How to Get started with SpeedFit
The SpeedFit Studio at Karrinyup Shopping Centre is now OPEN and as if a 20 minute workout didn't make it easy enough to slot into your week, they have 15 other studios around WA alone. 
Try out what SpeedFit is all about with their launch offer exclusive to Karrinyup for 2 sessions for $45 (only valid for October).
Article inspired by Claire from Urban List found here.