5 minutes with Synkro's Andrew Ballantyne

Do you ever find yourself setting wellness goals but can't channel the motivation to start or stick with them? Andrew Ballantyne, CEO of Synkro at Karrinyup, says it's not you – it's your mindset. "We have been conditioned since we were five years old to move and act a certain way, so making new habits stick can be challenging," he says. "Trying new experiences helps fire neurones in the brain for a fresh neural pathway that creates new habits. This allows the body to align with the mind, and then the spirit. It's key to alleviating mental roadblocks for incredible wellness outcomes."
Andrew's new wellness mecca, Synkro, is designed to change mindset and increase motivation for active goal setting and physical and mental fitness. We sat down with him to discover its transformative offering.
Andrew, how did you come up with this concept?
Wellness is my passion and I have always enjoyed worked with mindset coaches and mentors. I thought of the concept five years ago when working as a retailer with around 100 staff. I initiated mindfulness programs to look after our team to improve performance at work and their relationships with their partners and kids. I saw actual results and wanted to create the ultimate wellness experience that integrates mind, body and spirit using goal and mind setting sessions. I continue to find it extraordinary that we can change the subconscious mind.
Synkro is an all-encompassing regime we have never seen before. What makes if so different?
Regular gym timetables focus on taking care of the body, but we take care synergising body, mind, and spirit. Ours is a simple, integrative approach that is crucial to wellness. The mind learns information, but we rarely do anything with it. This approach breaks down the body, so it aligns with the mind. We offer a range of experiences to help do this including dance sessions, kinesiology, Pilates, sound healing, and we have an internationally renowned shaman and spiritual teacher, chiropractor, nutritionist, and mindfulness coach on staff. One membership allows access to everything you need to be your best.
What we put in our bodies is crucial to wellness. When is the best time to fuel our bodies for these sessions?
Eating before or after exercise is fine, and everyone has their preference. I like to refuel post-workout with the nutrient-dense cold-pressed smoothies we serve at Tonikz bar. We add Nootropics to our smoothies like mushroom extracts, collagen, hemp hearts and protein, and bee pollen. Each ingredient changes the smoothie's nutritional value and benefits.
How important is the community at Synkro?
It's everything. Our community is diverse, and we have attracted the best practitioners in their areas. We never advertise for staff; they're drawn to us. Our club creche allows our members to enjoy their me-time, too. Our staff take great care of their kids – they can even do a little child-free shopping at Karrinyup Shopping Centre after a session. We do whatever it takes to make you feel your best. Ours is a true sense of community.