Christmas arts and crafts ideas for kids

There’s no better way to get kids excited about Christmas than with some festive arts and crafts. If there’s already no shortage of excitement in your household around the holiday season, then getting creative is the perfect way for kids to channel their energy and excitement into something really fun. And while some of the best memories for kids around Christmas are created around the craft table getting their hands sticky with glue and their face covered in glitter, their arts and crafts don’t need to be purely for fun. Making these special pieces will help fill up your Christmas tree and space with sentimental things, and gives you something to reflect on each year as the arts and crafts from previous years are unboxed. Plus, they also give kids a chance to make their own gifts for their loved ones, and what better present to receive than one handmade with love and laughter? That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas arts and crafts for kids. From Santa Claus to candy canes, the kids will be able to create it all.

 1. Painted Christmas ornament

When it comes to Christmas craft, nothing beats making a handmade ornament. The satisfaction kids get from not only making their special piece, but then being able to hang it on the tree and watch it sit proudly there when family and friends visit during the festive season is super exciting. For this craft activity, all you’ll need is some plain balls (clear plastic or foam both work), paint (red and green is always good), paintbrushes, and string to hang it on the tree once it’s finished. If you have the supplies, you can even let the kids deck the ornaments out with stickers, sequins or ribbon once the paint has dried.


2. Christmas snow globe

 Snow globes have captivated the imagination of kids (and adults!) for over a century, and will be the perfect decorative addition this festive season.
If you don’t have any small jars to reuse, pick some up at the craft store (just make sure they are leak proof), along with small plastic figures like a Christmas tree, snowman, snowflake, Santa Claus, presents or Santa’s sleigh. You will also need glitter (preferably white or silver) to act as ‘snow’, glycerine to slow down the falling of the glitter in the water, and super glue.
To assemble, super glue your chosen figure to the jar of the lid, and then add water and around one tablespoon of glitter and two tablespoons of glycerine to the jar itself (make sure to leave around 1.5cm space to fit your figure). Screw your lid on, and if you have small children, it might be a good idea to super glue the lid on so it can’t be reopened. Flip it over and watch the glitter fall! You could also finish it off by tying some decorative ribbon around the base.


3. Paddle pop stick Christmas characters

The beauty of these paddle pop stick Christmas characters is that kids can make them as simple or elaborate as they please. They can make characters like Santa Claus, Frosty the snowman, Rudolph and the other reindeers, Santa’s elves and Christmas angels. You will need paddle pop sticks (coloured or plain), different coloured felt, googly eyes, beads, pom poms and anything else the kids want to use to decorate. If you have plenty of leftover paddle pop sticks use them to make colourful snowflakes or Christmas trees and decorate with beads. You can also attach strings to any of the paddle pop stick creations and hang them on the tree.

4. Christmas cards

While it’s easy to buy a bulk pack of Christmas cards, nothing beats being given a card that has been handmade. Not only is this craft idea super useful, but it also gives kids plenty of creative freedom to decorate as they wish. You can simply stock up on craft essentials like coloured cardboard paper, pencils and markers, shape punches, different coloured and patterned ribbon, coloured pom poms and pipe cleaners, paper straws, and even googly eyes to make things extra fun. If the kids are stuck on what to create, help them start out simple with something like a big Christmas tree using different coloured and sized ribbon to create the tree shape. Once they get started they likely won’t want to stop!


5. Beaded candy canes

An abundance of candy canes at Christmas time is perfect for decorating everything from the tree to the dinner table, but it also means a LOT of sugar is around for sneaky kids to get their hands on. That’s why beaded candy canes are perfect for decorating, without needing to have even more candy floating around the house. Simply use pipe cleaners, where the kids can bend them into a candy cane shape, and then thread beads through, great skills for little ones to learn too! They can stick with the traditional alternate red and white colours, or create their own rainbow pattern for something funky and unique. Just be sure to explain to younger kids that they’re not edible!
Crafting during the holidays is all about making memories, spending quality family time together, and of course getting excited for Christmas. So, whichever arts and crafts activities you and your kids choose be sure you all have plenty of fun while doing so!